How Kitchen Display System (KDS) can help you run a restaurant?

Did you ever wonder what are the things that customers look for before they visit any restaurant? They will obviously look for the best restaurants around them with the best multicuisine and not to forget the most important one which is the ambiance. If you yourself are an owner of a restaurant you may think about how to manage all these things and provide only the best for your customers. The front of the restaurant only works and looks well only when the back of the restaurant which is the kitchen does well and that’s where the Kitchen Display System (KDS) comes in.

Let’s have a look at how the Kitchen Display System (KDS) works and how it optimizes kitchen workflows, food quality, and speed of service.

What is KDS?

A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a digital order viewer that replaces your paper tickets and kitchen printers. It is like an ordering and information system display in the kitchen backend to increase your restaurant's efficiency. KDS system is becoming more popular among the modern restaurants whose business model works around giving prompt services to customers. The KDS system works remotely as it is integrated with a cloud-based POS technology.

How does KDS System work?

As mentioned above, the KDS system is integrated with a cloud-based POS technology. KDS displays the orders to be prepared which are fed by the servers in the POS software. This will help you in reducing the staff effort as also the chances of any manual errors as the entire process is carried out by an automated machine.

A KDS system has several views to fit the needs of the restaurants that use it. You can use order view, preparation view, and order ready view depending upon the situation. Let’s have a look at how these work:

  1. Order View:

If you have an iPad POS or tablet POS or a mobile phone-POS, you can directly take orders from customers right from their table, and it then will get updated in the KDS system in the backend of the kitchen. This will save a significant amount of time as the server does not need to carry the order ticket with him from the table to the kitchen and this will subsequently boost the efficiency.

Taking orders from a customer

2. Preparation view:

With access to mobile POS software, the service staff can be updated about the status of the customers order. As soon as you accept the order, the service staff will know that the order ticket is in the preparation process.

Chef cooking food

3. Order ready view:

When the chef completes preparing the cuisines which the customers ordered, the service staff will be notified that the order is ready to be served via POS software. How simple does this process sound right?

Food being served

KDS system can improve restaurant operations:

Kitchen Display System (KDS) can help improve your restaurant operations in a way that you have never thought of before. They are:

  1. Much quicker service speed:

The busiest part of a restaurant without a question is the kitchen. Where chefs thrive to make delicious food for their customers. It would be of no surprise if the handwritten tickets are damaged or spoiled due to spills or sometimes even lost. But when the KDS system is used, the kitchen staff need not worry about any such problems and everything they need to know is right in front of them on a big screen. They need not wait for the service staff to notify them about the changes in the order (if there are any) or wait for the order tickets as everything they need to know is displayed on the screen in front of them.

2. Improve inventory management:

Assume you are not a KDS system user. When the service staff messes up any order ticket or mixes up wrong order tickets, imagine how much food wastage this would cost as the kitchen department already starts cooking the given order. This would your restaurants which subsequently leads to disrupted inventory management. But with the KDS system, there won’t be any such issues as the kitchen department will immediately get notified about the changes in the order, thus leading to intact inventory management and no food wastage.

3. Better customer service:

If you notice, the entire food industry is based on customer service. It can make or break your business. With the KDS system under your fingertips, the food keeps flowing out of the kitchen as there would be no major hiccups with the food orders which increases the service speed and efficiency.

The service staff need not make their way into the kitchen to place the order tickets as everything is taken care of by the Kitchen Display System. They can just pay complete attention to the customers as they have nothing to worry about.

As you can see, the Kitchen Display System (KDS) does more than just reducing the need for paperwork in a restaurant. Every restaurant is unique in it's own ways and has a different business model, which is why it is necessary for a high-quality KDS system. Whether you’re looking to decrease the order ticket times, increase customer satisfaction, or promote efficiencies in the kitchen, a Kitchen Display System (KDS) will be the right solution for you.

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