How to choose a perfect POS system for your business?

As you all are aware that having an all-in-one retail POS system for your business, online store, or any other mini, small, and medium enterprise is not a suggestion anymore, it is necessary. Having a perfect retail POS system is what it takes to succeed in a business. If you are wondering, “why POS system?”, an all-in-one POS system will help make your customer’s shopping experience run a lot smoother, and the best POS systems will also help you run your entire business, and give you insightful, valuable marketing analytics you can use to help boost sales. But how do you choose the perfect POS system for your online store or grocery store or any other business?

POS System

Well, the answer to your question is, there are various factors to look at before choosing the perfect POS system for your business as every business or store is unique in it’s own way.

This article will guide you on how to choose the perfect retail POS system with the right features for your store or business:

Best POS system for a retail store:

These are the POS features to look out for if you run a grocery store with a POS system

Powerful Inventory management system:

Generally, in retail stores, the rush is often more. People come in and buy stocks at regular intervals which leads to the change in numbers in your inventory and there might not be a break for you to check on the inventory list. If you don’t, it leads to the stock outage.

The perfect POS software will give you tons of information regarding your inventory. It keeps a continuous track of your inventory and even warns about the stocks which will soon be out of stock and expire. For all this to be done, you need a powerful inventory management system for which you need powerful POS software.

Barcode Scanning:

Let us assume that you are a non-POS system user. How do you collect the details about the inventory stock which you buy from your inventory supplier? Manually isn’t it? You have to enter the code of every item from the inventory stock list and how much time could be wasted there? If you import stocks in bulk, then you could waste a lot of time there.

The barcode management system could help you with this process and help you in saving a lot of time. Make sure that all the inventory stock items have barcodes on them which you can scan using a barcode scanner. Label and barcode printers will also allow you to make and print tags. How easy does this sound, right?

Barcode scanners

POS for Liquor shops, Tobacco shops, and other Convenience stores:

Inventory tracking tools:

If you own a liquor shop or tobacco store, you know the complexity of managing a business. Your inventory list stats change every minute as there is a constant rush for these products. Without inventory management software, you won’t be able to optimize production, maximize your inventory, or integrate your systems to manage your business. A perfect POS software could aid you in keeping your inventory list items updated.

Built-in mix and match pricing:

When you are having a busy day at your store, you might run out of some stocks from your inventory. Depending upon the stocks available in your inventory, a built-in mix and match pricing system could help you sell grouped items.

POS for a clothing store or a boutique:

Uninterrupted fast-billing system:

The sales, whether they are online sales or offline sales, they are always high in a clothing store or boutique, especially during festive seasons. For the sales to maintain pace, uninterrupted billing is must. For this to happen the POS billing system must work both offline and online which improves the efficiency of billing, thus improving the revenue of your clothing store.

Billing process

Inventory Tracking Control:

Having a powerful inventory management system is important to the success of your clothing store POS. If you run a clothing store or a boutique, you need a POS system that should be able to perform daily stocktake with real-time monitoring during business hours right from your mobile to get complete inventory control.

I am about to yell an application which is combined of all these important features with the most advanced software which could help you in whatever business you are running.


One of the best ways to boost your sales is to have an online store. Numerous clothing stores and boutiques have a unique online through which they sometimes make more sales than compared to offline sales as having an online store could help your business in reaching more people. A powerful POS system comes up with an in-built Shopfront feature that acts like an online store for your clothing store or boutique or any other business.


Zobaze - Free POS for Billing, Inventory and Online Orders comes up with the most advanced POS software out there. It’s powerful inventory management system will constantly monitor your online store’s, clothing store’s, boutique’s, winery’s inventory and will provide you instant, daily, monthly, and yearly reports. It also comes up with a barcode scanning system that could help your business in numerous ways. There are so many other features like Shopfront, Reports, Z-Office (Web Back Office), works offline etc which are without any question the best for your business. Not to forget Zobaze has 100K+ downloads and 4.5 rating in Google Play Store. For any queries or information visit:

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