What is POS and why do you need a POS system for your business?

Point of Sale system (POS), also going by the name of POS system or POS software is used by the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises for administrating sales. An all-in-one POS system acts as billing software for grocery shops. The Point of Sale system has innumerable faces like a cash register, a computer, an iPad, a smartphone etc, where the cashiers can effortlessly make the financial transactions related to their businesses. POS system also provides a vital and fundamental feature i.e, it helps you to keep inventory levels intact. The multiple and advanced features which are included in the POS system like the barcode scanner, inventory management, customer management, staff management will help you in running your business in the most elegant way ever.

POS System

Let’s have a look at these features which will ensure hassle-free, top-grade customer service, precise inventory management, error-free sales tracking which makes sure your business is right on top.

Go Digital! :

Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises are evolving, they’re going digital. The days of keeping long register notebooks are long gone. Retailers are looking forward to the best cheap POS system which is less complicated that can operate on mobile phones to laptops and computers which wouldn’t cost them much of their money.

The Point of sale system which acts as billing software for retail, grocery stores, and restaurants will not only act as a digital register but will even let you share digital receipts with your customer, via WhatsApp, Gmail, and mobile text. Sounds amazing, right?

Go digital!

Intact Inventory Management:

For a business to do good, it needs to maintain adequate inventory or stock in the pantry, and managing it may not be a walk in the park for everyone. Inventory management will aid you in maintaining sufficient stock, optimizing your storage cost, preventing deadstock, reducing the purchase cost of your stocks, and the most important is that it enhances the cash flow. So, one could agree on the point that intact inventory management is important. What if I say this entire process can be carried out by using a Point of Sale system. With the POS system right under your fingertips, you got nothing to worry about your Inventory. The POS system will keep a track of the flow of inventory. Sounds stupendous, right?

Intact inventory management


You may have wondered how you can expand your business in order to have a greater reach and to increase the sales you have been making. There are various ways but trust me, having an online store could boost your sales to a great extent. And “Shopfront” could help you do that from your mobile phone itself. Shopfront works like an online store for your business where your customer can directly place their orders using your shopfront website link. All you have to do is that you have to share your shopfront website link with your customers to get online orders. You on the other hand could receive the orders and process them according to the needs of your customer. How cool is this, right?

An online Shopfront store

An all in one POS System:

An all in one POS system will give you an opportunity to get reports like the total sales you have made in a day, week, month, and year. With the best POS system, you can keep track of your stocks i.e the slow-moving stocks which the customers have no interest to buy and the fast-moving stocks to which the customers are looking forward to. And by using the instant POS payment feature, you can complete the billing process in no time and with cash flow coming in at regular intervals, the POS system will keep track of the money and will display the profits you have been making. After listening to all these stunning features, you may have the following questions in your mind;

  1. Where can I find an all-in-one POS system?
  2. What is the best android based POS system?
  3. What is the best billing software for my retail store/shop?
  4. What is the best cheap POS system?
  5. What is the best POS?
  6. What is the best POS system for tablets?
  7. What is the best POS system for mobile?
  8. Which POS system works offline too?

For every question you have in your mind, there’s only one simple answer, which is, ZOBAZE — POS, Billing, Inventory”.


We at Zobaze provide literally everything you need to run your business whether it’s a small retail store or a high-end restaurant. Zobaze is well known for it’s easy user interface and advanced features. Do you know the app is built accordingly to the needs of it’s users, Zobaze team has personally visited more than 1000 grocery stores and collected information regarding how the users wanted the app to work so that their business will stay in the race. One of the perks of having Zobaze POS software is that you need not worry about the internet connection as it a free offline POS app. Zobaze premium membership comes up with features that are highly advanced and way more affordable when compared to other POS system apps.

Well, I guess the questions in your mind are resolved, and if you are looking for the best POS system at affordable prices, without a question it is Zobaze. Not to forget it has 400K+ downloads and a 4.6 rating in Google Play Store. For any queries or information visit: www.zobaze.com

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